We always make sure that any strategy we develop for our clients is informed and guided by up-to-date data. Often, we can be challenged by what is working and what isn't. We put our egos aside and we adapt and adjust our strategies based on the feedback we receive from comprehensive metrics to ensure your project is moving in the best direction possible!
Everything we do is covered by our 8 Chapters philosophy
This package is rarely separate from the rest of the services we offer. We can offer one-off audits to give you a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes and help optimise the digital performance of you website or social media pages.
Search Engine and Key Word Audits help inform you what your audience are searching g for so you can make your website content more able to attract your dream clients!
Accessibility Audits make sure that font choices, alt text and colour schemes on your website are useable by everyone
These kind of analytics are vital to ensuring your marketing plan is effective. We can include this in the service so that we are constantly in a feedback cycle of reviewing our strategies and using insights from collected data to inform and - often adjust our strategies.

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