Everything we do is covered by our 8 Chapters philosophy
We offer 2 main services. We can do front end UX designs. I.e. a design package you can give to your IT department to implement into your site. We also design and build websites using Webflow. This way we can design & build the entire website for you. This website was built using Webflow by Ocho.
Once we've met and understood the assignment, we will go away and design a wireframe that gives the idea of the basic structure.
We'll then get to work on a final website with design elements rooted in your branding guidelines. We'll launch it and look after it too! we can also send it to you & your team to manage.
We believe that websites should be accessible by everyone and so we offer accessibility audits to ensure people with additional needs will be able to enjoy your new website. We also offer an SEO Audit to ensure the new website has the best ranking opportunities in search engines.

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