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At the heart of Ocho is a team of passionate individuals with experience in using their talents to grow businesses


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Dave is our designer. He has always had a passion for Graphic Design & video creation. He has been working as a freelancer designing logos, social media content & assisting companies with rebrands. He also built this website. Dave loves design and branding because "I get to be part of the moment when a client's idea becomes a reality!"

Dave Deisgned his first logo design at age 8 for the charity "Stray aid"  and it is still being used today...


Anna has a background in digital marketing, and loves that no project is the same! Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media are her specialities. She has worked on a number of imaginative and adventurous digital marketing projects, seeing quantitative results that make real difference to business.

Never agree to go a walk with Anna, because she'll probably try and drag you somewhere ridiculous just to get that perfect shot for her walking blog!!


Arul has been leading a business stream in the oil and gas industry for a number of years. at various capacities.
He originally studied Mechanical Engineering but completed a Masters degree in Marketing.
He combines a strong analytical and logical approach to understanding business's online impact and combines it with tried and tested methods to help companies see results.

Arul has a tongue of steel and is a gifted chef -making some of the most delicious (and hot!) curries our team has tried! 


No Man (or woman) is an island. We offer a wide range of high quality services in house. When we can't offer it in house, we find people who share our values and produce quality deliverables. Here are some more amazing folk that we are proud to call partners.
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Ciara Menzies Photography

Ciara is a photo journalist based in Edinburgh but frequently travels across Scotland to work with a range of clients over a wide range of projects. From business profile pictures to short videos for commercial purposes. Ciara's passion comes through in the depth that she is able to capture. We have met her equal and are proud to have her as a partner of Ocho.

View Ciara's Portfolio...
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Sorcha Pringle (Springboard Creative Arts)

Sorcha is a brilliant friend who has recently set up a business helping to make websites and online content inclusive for all. Sorcha has worked in all major art forms and uses these to help creators to be more inclusive when considering various design choices. We have learned a lot about accessibility in website building and consider this an essential step in any build we do. There are a number of other incredible elements that Sorcha offer so check out her page! 

View Sorcha's Site...
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Ben Driver (Anam - Videography)

Ben is an incredibly talented videographer with a passion for advertising. He has a unique eye for storytelling. He is an amazing student of people, culture and our amazing planet and is able to draw out those precious moments. Tying this with his passion for advertising allows him to produce captivating content that is centred around people and their experiences. This adds so much dimension to the story the business is telling.

View Ben's Portfolio...

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