tools + KNowledge = 💪

Backing up good ideas with research & statistics to produce winning strategies for your business. All our services benefit form analytics. Even if it isn't the right time to upgrade your branding, social media, website or SEO, you can still get audits from us to get a strong start on your existing setup.

UX / UI Audits

We can produce audits on your website to assess the user friendliness & performance.


We work with Springboard Creative Arts to ensure EVERYONE can enjoy your website.

SEO Audits

We can produce audits on your website to assess search engine rankings and prospects as well as attention retention, & performance.

Brand Audits

We'll review your brand 's relevance to your intended audience.

Social media Audits

We can assess the effectiveness of your content and how well tailored it is to your audience.


It's sort of a buzzword with not very much meaning. At Ocho we are changing that.

A good worker Loves their tools.

We've taken advantage of some of the best analytics software out there to make sure we understand what is trending & why.

Take out the Guesswork

It's so important because this allows us to build accurate startegies
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Plan. WIN. Repeat.

Once we have an idea the feedback loop continues. And continues. Constantly being refined.