Get Set.

We work with businesses to tell their unique stories to like-minded people. This builds trust and strong connections with our client's audience creating communities not just customers.


Below are some recent examples of projects which reflect the nature of the work we offer. These projects often overlap utilising a combination of servcies to tell their story in a unique and powerful way. If you have any questions about any of these projects or would like more examples of our work - please just reach out!
We worked with Scripture Union Scotland to help them engage with more young people.
We worked with Newton Healthcare to build a community of support for their amazing candidates...
We worked with this incredible company to contextualise their incredible value to the people of Dundee and surrounding area.
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We helped tell the story of Oui Ici. A company making people's dream weddings come true.
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How do we approach Social media management? Here are a few things we believe are key to our understanding of how a successful social media campaign should be run.
We help you be yourself online. This allows us to create authentic content for like-minded people.
When we do this we create community. Communities are built on trust & shared interests which create fierce loyalty.
So we make content that your audience want to engage with and helpful.

When your audience engage, we engage right back and build a relationship where your audience feel listened to and part of something.

Organic Strategy

We plan and execute a meaningful social media strategy that dedicates time to growing a relevant audience and building engagement across platforms.
leaf growing from ground

Content Creation

Stand out from the crowd with content that captures attention and engages your audience. From taking beautiful images and videos to coming up with witty captions, we will work hard to build content that aligns with our clients’ brand identity and builds a great community.

Paid Campaigns

Social Media Ads can be brilliant. But they need rigorous testing, optimising, and adapting to ensure you get the most out of your budget! We begin by considering relevant target audiences who need and want the advertised product or service. We then work with our clients to create messaging that hooks people in and is cohesive with their brand. We test the ads, analyse performance, optimise them and repeat! Through continuously refining paid campaigns, we can help drive you towards the best results possible.

Short-Form Video

We create short-form video strategies to help you grow online specifically through TikTok Videos and Instagram Reels. This gives you the best chance of going viral, and can massively up your reach and engagement! We work with you to research and plan content ideas that will get views. Depending on your product or service and location, we can also support in executing the video strategy.

Community Engagement

We make the effort to understand our clients so that we can act as an extension of the business. As part of this we are able to engage with your community - replying to comments and feedback on your behalf. Don't worry we know when to hand the mic over.

Influencer Marketing

A lot of people are sceptical when it comes to influencer marketing. And want to know a secret? They probably should be! Brands spend a lot of their marketing budget on influencer campaigns, and unfortunately a number of them see low results and a poor return on investment. So how is this industry still growing rapidly year on year? The answer: because you can crack open an absolute gold mine in the influencer world. But to hit this gold mine, you need to plan the campaign carefully and assess influencers who are most likely to make an impact. When you get it right, you will see improved brand awareness and trust as well as a boost in sales. At Ocho, we know the industry inside out and have worked on both sides of influencer campaigns. We will work with you to find relevant influencers with high engagement levels and execute effective gifted and paid campaigns that make a difference.