Our Story

We've been in love with this field for a long time. But we wanted to create something that connected that love with real people in order to help them tell their story to an audience waiting to connect with the same values and ideas. So we created Ocho. Its been an incredible journey and our story is just getting started.

Start with People

At our core we are people who help others tell their story. We love to meet and chat about what's new in the field and how we can use innovative new ways to communicate ideas and values.
Anna & Dave having a relaxed meeting

All stories
have a beginning...

We wanted to create a business that was fuelled by passion. We've grown because we have met so many amazing people on the journey who shared this passion in so many different ways!


Our drive this year is to make beautiful things. Want to discuss how we can do this for your busienss or organisation? Click here

A Story still being told...

Want to keep up to date with our story? check out our broadcast; a series of articles, podcasts & videos with a bit about what we're up to and a LOT about how the digital age is the golden age for creatives and businesses from hobbyists to CFOs! And we want to share tips and lessons that we've learned on our amazing journey! So click the link below to find out more...
The Ocho Broadcast Coming Soon

Meet the Founders

At the heart of Ocho is a team of passionate individuals with experience in using their talents to grow businesses

Anna Gill Co-Founder

Anna has a background in digital marketing, and loves that no project is the same! Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media are her specialities. She has worked on a number of imaginative and adventurous digital marketing projects, seeing quantitative results that make real difference to business. Never agree to go a walk with Anna, because she'll probably try and drag you somewhere ridiculous just to get that perfect shot for her walking blog!!

Dave Ellis Co-Founder

Dave is our designer. He has always had a passion for Graphic Design and Video Editing and been working as a freelancer designing logos, social media content & assisting companies with rebrands. He also built this website. Dave loves design and branding because "I get to be part of the moment when someone's dream becomes a reality!" Dave Designed his first logo at age 8 for the charity StrayAid which is still being used today...

What makes us tick?

As we've grown Ocho there are 4 things have become foundational to what makes Ocho work; a structure, a value system, friends, and a heritage.


We do what we love because we love what we do. We created this business because we love the fields we work in. These passions run deep in us and we want to work with people who are passionate about what they do.


Our planet is one fine place. So we work with businesses that share this value and are making efforts to leave a positive mark on it no matter how big or how small.


Yes we have our moments but we believe that all people are made in the image of God and have intrinsic value. So at Ocho we treat everyone with respect as we would want to be treated. We seek to genuinely help people make their businesses a success because of this.

Your Story. Told in 8 Chapters


We listen first. We can't tell your story if we don't understand you and your organisation.


We take the time to stop and ensure that we have understood you and your organisation.


We explore options that we believe will best work for your business based on our skills and experience.


We present our plan of best fit to you and then we get to work and set your plan in motion for you.


Promoting your products or services is an important part of your growth strategy through both paid and organic methods.


We analyse all marketing strategy results to allow us to monitor performance and ensure campaigns are optimised.


We constantly adjust our strategies based on the data we have assessed. We also keep you up to date.


With all this we will reach your goal. but we don't stop there. Its on to the next goal...

Ciara Menzies
Photo Journalist

Ciara is a photo journalist based in London. Ciara is an incredibly talented photographer and covers everything from business profile pictures to short videos for commercial purposes. Ciara's passion comes through in the depth that she is able to capture. We haven't met her equal and are proud to have her as a partner of Ocho.

Springboard Creative
Accessibility Auditor

Sorcha is a brilliant friend who has recently set up a business helping to make websites and online content inclusive for all. Sorcha has worked in all major art forms and uses these to help creators to be more inclusive when considering various design choices. We have learned a lot about accessibility in website building and consider this an essential step in any build we do. There are a number of other incredible elements that Sorcha offer so check out her page!


Ben is an incredibly talented videographer with a passion for advertising. He has a unique eye for storytelling. He is an amazing student of people, culture and our amazing planet and is able to draw out those precious moments. Tying this with his passion for advertising allows him to produce captivating content that is centred around people and their experiences. This adds so much dimension to the story the business is telling.

Become a Partner

Are you a creative? Do you have skills that you believe would help people tell their stories? PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! We are on a mission to build a network of passionate and talented people. You can contact us via the field below. Or click here.

What Does Ocho mean?

O C H O: {number} Spanish for 8. We believe that Branding & Marketing is like story telling. So when we started our company we asked outselves; "How do we tell good stories?" We were familiar with an 8-process story telling framework called the hero's journey and from there our brand was born...

1. The Hero's Story

First coined by Jospeh Campbell, The Hero's Journey is a story telling device that frameworks every great story from Star Wars to The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

First, we establish the hero in their confort Zone. But then the hero wants something or is called to something greater than themselves. This is a great thing but like all good stories there is a challenge to overcome. But challenge is good and allows the hero to grow to meet the challenge. However often for our hero there is a price to be paid. perhaps the sacrifice of a wise mentor or letting go of something they prized. But overcoming this final obstical leads to restoration/atonement, and the hero returns to their place of comfort but is now a more rounded, developed character. This is normally quickly undone by a studio exec proposing an unnecessary sequel.

2. Your Story

We felt the hero's journey perfectly summed up the 8 important phases in every business's journey. Wether you are a startup or looking to re-evaluate where you are currently. This model can serve as a great guide for telling your story to your audience.

First, we need to establish where you are - perhaps you are dreaming of something new or maybe you feel you are in a rut and are ready to break out! The next step is both scary & exciting. You act and decide to step out and make your dream a reality! Wether its a completely new business or a refresh you will face obsticles. But with a little research we can overcome these. We take time to research the obstacles you will face and produce a strategy to overcome these obstacles and then we implement our strategy - together. Like the hero we aim to give you the tools to overcome the various challenges. Although less dramatic, you will encounter a price to be paid. In every venture we will need to feedback and as we learn from what we have done, we adapt and push on to greater success until we reach the goal you set out for. As the hero returns home having grown so do you - and in business we use this as a chance to reflect form new perspectives and start dreaming all over again… 

3. Idea > Reality

"The Only thing standing between you and everything you've ever wanted is doing it." - Casey Neistat

This is true. But sometimes we all need a helping hand from someone who has done it before or someone with the skills we just don't have. At Ocho we love people who follow their dreams and we have the skills to help you make that happen.

We prioritise ;istening to you and understanding your vision & ideas for the business . Only then can we bring our knowledge of branding & digital marketing to your project and implement and effective solution that helps take you from your concept to reality.