Aberdeen Whisky shop has been a purveyor of very special whiskies. Over 10 years, since the business opened the shop has grown both in its scale and its reputation among loyal locals and some of Scotlands most revered bottlers and distilleries. We were tasked with rebranding the business to reflect this.


When you're in the shop with the team the thing that is felt so heavily is the love for these unique and rare bottles. It's the anticipation of the opening of a new bottle and the legacy and history that comes with them.
The Logo serves as a great example of this principle. It acts a brand like a seal of approval signalling the standards of the business to its community.
The logo is clean and clear and this allows us to use it feel premium but it is also not out of place in more informal instances which was important to the client.
In addition to creating a premium and trustworthy brand it was also important to the team to hold on to personality and have some light heartedness about the brand. We therefor developed these characters who appear across a number of promotional items and help bring levity and humour to the brand. Being seagulls also helps reinforce the shops location.
Ocho want to express our warmest thank to Aberdeen Whisky Shop who have been incredibly supportive and wonderful clients throughouyt the project. The impact of the rebrand is far reaching and has been a reflection of the hard work and calibre of their team.