Ashley Frazer wanted a website that felt slick, intuitive and clear. The website was to market a number of key areas they had begun to work in while leaving room to diversify as some new markets were (and have since) become available to them.


We looked at colour pallettes that were popular in Dubai and drew inspiration from established white collar recruiters. But the big issue we noticed was how fast other business websites became cluttered. We therefor explored UX principles that allowed us to keep it simple.
Making the website mobile friendly was one big priority of the goal as during the project research statistics had observed that we have crossed over and were noting 55:45 mobile to desktop browser useage. This number has since increased making it an incredibly important focus for the project.
The site is modern and high end, making it attractive to the companies clients and candidates. The site features subtle animations that make it feel dynamic and engaging.
We recently worked with Ashley Frazer to integrate a third party API for a CRM.