Aurora was a new venture by a group of experienced individuals who had the skills, logistics and experience to aid the energy sector in its transition towards greener energy. This meant creating a modern brand that could convey this.


The company had a specific focus on wind turbine servicing and the turbine became a starting place. At an early stage in the process, however, it was clear that while there needed to be some familiarity and friendliness we couldn't lean on any one method of energy production. Other areas of exploration were in periferal branding and how we structured content for web and print.
We created a brand identity that feels dynamic and interesting. It is modern however, the brand retains a sense of relevance, and dignity across a whole range of instances where it appears. This is largely due to the logo being more conceptual than literal. A significant component of this project was the design and build of the website. You can see this linked at the bottom of this article and we have also written a piece on the website too. You can find this on our web design page.
The Logo appeared across a large number of elements. From USBs to UTVs. The brand had to be diverse and recognisable. It was important to both Aurora and us that we built familiarity with the brand quickly, without being in your face, to help build the brand over a short period of time.
The brand works well in a dark or light setting allowing the feeling of transition to come across and recognition to be possible wherever the brand appears wither in part or full.