Cairn Training wanted to create a website that was fresh and made the process of learning fun and engaging. They also wanted to attract a new audience to the market.


We used wireframes to quickly agree a layout for the site and where information would be found. We had already established a clear brand and the client had worked hard to condense information where possible.
High quality photography and images of Cairn Training’s intended client was crucial. This allows their client to feel the product really is for them.
throughout the site is a balance of clean, professional layouts balanced with the bright fun colours which fits for a childcare-giving audience.
Icons served as an important way to help draw the users focus to the crucial information on the site allowing for faster delivery of information and a better overall site experience.
Ocho have continued to provide Email Marketing Services to Cairn TraininOcho want to express our sincere gratitude to Cairn Training for their enthusiasm and passion during this project. If you would like to learn more about Cairn Training, you can find them at