Fibrecast had built a considerable business that was making a big impact on the local impact. However, this was mostly due to a very intensive door-to-door formula. Ocho worked closely with fibrecast to develop a social media strategy to reach more people. But the content was largely focused on the technology and its impressive stats.


We did some research and concluded that speed and power aren't measured by consumers in download & upload speeds but by what it allows them to do. So we created more people oriented content that showed the possibilities they had. We also used the strength of a small business and doubled down on a friendly personable brand.
We created social media posts that focus on 4 content pillars: service and package information, people-focused posts, latest business updates, and Dundee news. The aim of this strategy is to keep followers engaged and interested in the account while also sharing essential business information with them.
Phase one's story has focussed on creating a sense of recognisability so that people recognise Fibrecast content at a glance, building familiarity and trust from even the lightest touch point.
Engagement was a crucial part of the project and continues to be as we ensure that every comment is liked or replied to so that we show care to this community.