GRN wanted to attract new candidates to their offshore recruitment organisation through a comprehensive SEO stagey. It was important to bring in a relevant audience in a fairly niche sector.


We began by analysing the website and optimising it for the search engines. This took elements such as website speed, tags, page structure and keywords into account.
We then built an on-page strategy, adding content throughout the website specifically created with a search engine optimisation strategy in mind.
Additionally, we created an off-page strategy to build healthy, strong backlinks to the GRN website in order to improve their rankings.
The outcome was a steady increase of traffic to the website, resulting in new candidates applying for roles within the industry via GRN.
Ocho have continued to provide creative services to GRN in the form of a website design and build, Blog writing as part of the described SEO venture and social media support. Ocho want to express our sincere gratitude to GRN for the continued partnership and if you would like to learn more about GRN you can find them at