Hidden Scotland have already build an established and successful brand that is positively impacting the tourism industry within Scotland. In 2021, Hidden Scotland opened their shop in Aberdeenshire so wanted to create content which focused on this area in order to attract customers and build local awareness. Ocho worked closely with Hidden Scotland to create a series of SEO friendly Aberdeenshire walking guides.


We began by doing research on some of the most popular walks in the area, and looked for gaps in information online. We also researched target keywords that would support Hidden Scotland’s aim. After this, we compiled a list of walks we wanted to include in the guides and did some outdoors exploring to ensure information was accurate! Additionally, we took plenty of photos which were included in the content.
Using this research, we created well written guides that people wanted to read. All content was optimised for the search engines.
Optimising content for the search engines includes looking at various key elements, from using readable language to ensuring target keywords were included naturally as part of the content.
The outcome was a selection of high quality and well researched digital guides. These were well received by the target audience and greatly benefited Hidden Scotland in reaching more users locally.