JDD asked us to help them created a logo for their chartered Accountancy firm. The goal was to communicate the years of faithful services to local businesses in Aberdeen city & shire.


Aberdeen has a number of Iconic Lighthouses. We loved the imagery of something guiding its patrons through the chaos to safety. In order for this to do this the lighthouse has to be sound and well founded. We felt this was a brilliant analogy for the local faithful accountancy firm.
We created a logo that served as a beacon; guiding business to a place of calmness when it came to accounts through a sense of legacy and competence yet framed in a friendly & welcoming design.
The Didot font beautifully communicates heritage and maturity which is balanced by a second much more modern font which helps create a rounder more friendly tone so that prospective clients aren't too intimidated.
The waves and lighthouse could be used separately to convey the excitement and adventurous nature of starting business with the stoic, reliable lighthouse representing JDD to guide the accountancy side of their journey.