Newton Healthcare wanted to create a space where their candidates could get resources and encouragement in an incredibly rewarding but understandably draining sector.


Following an extensive research phase, forcing on the sector, existing resources and the people that were Newton Healthcare’s target demographics, we put together a mix of content that was helpful and informative but in a fun and relaxed fashion so as to support without overwhelming their candidates.
Content was focused around three platforms; Facebook & Instagram (more friendly content to gently encourage candidates) and LinkedIn (more informative and helpful content). This was an important part of engaging with their audience based on what they were expecting to find based on the platform.
We created a balance of helpful information and light hearted fun for Newton Healthcare's amazing candidates who can often be overwhelmed in such a giviing role.
We had monthly catchups and presented performance reports every quarter to review and assess the effectiveness of our content on their audience, looking at aspects like engagement and the pages overall growth. During the project we have seen significant growth and awareness of the business on LinkedIn & Instagram (their desired platforms)
As well as running a successful social media campaign, Newton Healthcare also created the brand and website for the business. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Newton Healthcare for their passion and willingness throughout the projects.