Oui Ici is managed by a highly experienced and vibrant wedding planner. She asked Ocho to create a social media strategy for Instagram and regular content that would reach potential couples who would be interested in her services and wedding venue.


We began by planning the type of content we would share, and how the posts would look. Our Ici wanted content that conveyed how elegant and luxurious yet fun their wedding venue is.
We focused on creating content that inspired people to dream of what their wedding could be like. Although each individual post was engaging on its own, they connected together into one large image, giving a ‘Pinterest Board’ feel to the profile.
We also created reels that showed special moments from real life brides and grooms. These reached high volumes of people, bringing in new interest and following.
The outcome was an increase in the number of inquiries Oui Ici had to their page through social media.