Savannah wanted to create a brand that stood it out but which was clean and modern so that new clients would feel comfortable trusting Savannah with the task of performing their outsourced accounts.


We had two elements in our hands; the rugged beauty and vibrant diversity of the savannah wildlife. We drew inspiration from the animals native to the area for their strength and elegance. As this was somewhat unconventional, we flipped the traditional accounting colour palette making black the dominant colour to feel more sleek and high end. adding subtle animations meant that text and buttons were very clear and felt very intuitive - making the experience feel very considered and professional.
The Savannah logo is text only (there is no graphic) The text used an elegant, serif font and we adjusted the font to make a unique and more modern feeling look. This clean elegant look is important because it is juxtaposed by more ‘freeform’ graphics.
We created 6 icons based on ‘the big 6’ of the Savannah. These are used in presentations and the company website to subtly communicate elements such as strength, versatility and wisdom to their audience.
In addition to brand. we produced a website that is fast, clean, user friendly and informative. We made it very mobile friendly and also made it feel exciting for the user.