SU Scotland recognised the importance of using Instagram and TikTok to digitally reach a high volume of people within their target demographic. Ocho therefore worked with them to implement a new strategy specifically targeting a youth audience. The purpose was to encourage 15-21 year olds in discipleship and evangelism, and promote the various events hosted by SU Scotland.


Ocho began by spending 2 days with the organisation developing a 6-month plan. We set goals, considered the target audience, discussed what content they would find engaging while also being relevant to the purpose of the social media channels, and worked on the style and tone of voice for content.
We implemented this strategy and began creating regular content for SU Scotland. This included an agreed number of posts, reels and TikToks every week. All content was sent to SU Scotland for review prior to publishing.
In order for the organisation to see the impact of the social media strategy, quarterly reports were created which included in-depth statistics, recommendations going forward, and goals for the next quarter.
The outcome was very exciting. We achieved engagement rates high above average and a steady growth of new followers within the target demographic. We regularly adapt and improve the strategy, ensuring it aligns with current trends and continues to engage users.